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“La Collectionneuse”—A Case Study Beyond the Hollywood Paradigm

A great way to “get away” when not travelling is watching foreign flicks. Ever since my local library opened a great “Art” section in the DVD area, I’ve all but written off American films as a choice. Like travelling, watching … Continue reading

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Hiking in Slovak Paradise

When Slovakia comes to mind, one cannot help but think of mountains, wilderness and hiking. This country is a paradise for hikers, and smack dab in the middle is Slovak Paradise (Slovenský raj). Being my birthday, July 10, 2011, and … Continue reading

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Mystical Sounds of the Veena

Narada was an ancient Indian rishi who traveled among distant planets carrying a veena as his musical instrument. Unlike the sitar, the veena has a second resonator, a carved-out gourd attached to the underside of the neck. This produces a … Continue reading

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The Central European Diet—Photo Gallery

I put together a photo gallery of the meals I ordered in Central Europe (specifically the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland). Overall, the food was delicious but seemed fattening, which often consisted of starchy potatoes and some greasy piece of … Continue reading

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Train Travel—America’s Missing Infrastructure

After travelling by train for the past three months in Central Europe through roughly 20 cities and towns, one thing amazes me—why in the world do Americans NOT have the same opportunity and ease of which Europeans have in travelling … Continue reading

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Taking Advantage of a Raining Day in Zakopane

My last day in Zakopane, Poland, and it’s raining. You learn to take advantage of such days when traveling for an extended period in foreign countries. Everything takes twice as long and such days are perfect to just relax and … Continue reading

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I Came, I Found, I Partied with my Distant European Family. …

Since I was a boy, I have always wondered what my long-lost family in Europe was like and if I would ever meet some of them. My ancestors several generations ago immigrated to America from Slovakia and Poland. Since then, … Continue reading

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Haywired Hike in the High Tatras

My first intentionally short excursion into the High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry), the highest mountains in Slovakia, turned out to stretch into two unexpected days. When I first arrived in Tatranská Polianka (a desolate place with mostly large, old and wooden … Continue reading

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Culture Shock in the “New” Central Europe

Things I Like Buying a beer that is 1/3 larger than an American domestic beer, tastes better, and costs less than $1; wine is also about $1 a glass. Flushing the toilet in two different ways: regular flush and super … Continue reading

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Luggage Problem. …

Deciding what to carry when you travel can be a “luggage problem”. But this problem can be amazingly resolved, as demonstrated in one of my favorite movies, “Joe Versus the Volcano”. Incidentally, this movie was brutally rated by critics, which … Continue reading

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