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Culture Shock in the “New” Central Europe

Things I Like Buying a beer that is 1/3 larger than an American domestic beer, tastes better, and costs less than $1; wine is also about $1 a glass. Flushing the toilet in two different ways: regular flush and super … Continue reading

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Luggage Problem. …

Deciding what to carry when you travel can be a “luggage problem”. But this problem can be amazingly resolved, as demonstrated in one of my favorite movies, “Joe Versus the Volcano”. Incidentally, this movie was brutally rated by critics, which … Continue reading

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The Joys of Inoculation

If you´re like me, the last thing on your list in planning a three-month trip through Central Europe would be inoculation, a.k.a. immunization. But after seeing several of these little reminders in travel guides, it finally got added to that … Continue reading

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Buying an International Driving Permit

In order to drive in a foreign country, you need an International Driving Permit (IDP). If you have a U.S. driver’s license, getting an IDP is easy. To buy an IDP, I went to a local AAA office. There I … Continue reading

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Ana Vidovic

This post is a bit off the beaten path as my posts are of my own content. But, after studying classical guitar for several years and immensely appreciating its huge world of compositions, I really wanted to share an outstanding … Continue reading

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Purchasing Foreign Currency Before You Go

Before arriving in Prague, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase some Czech crowns (korunas). My bank sells foreign currency at no additional fee if you have an account. Although there is about an 11% cost on … Continue reading

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Agent Zigzag

WARNING: Reading Agent Zigzag may seriously diminish any respect you may have for James Bond movies. Once you read Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre, you’ll probably look upon all that you’ve enjoyed about the fictitious James Bond character as just … Continue reading

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A Polish Son in the Motherland

“A Polish Son in the Motherland” describes the many months the author spent living in Poland. Unlike that typical American tourist who goes off to Europe hoping for great adventures but ends up only grazing the surface of another culture … Continue reading

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Learning a Foreign Language using Livemocha

Livemocha ( is a community-driven foreign language website. Its tools are similar to Rosetta Stone, but it has one feature that makes it far superior in my opinion. Native speakers of the language you are leaning review and grade your … Continue reading

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Adding Foreign Language Keyboards to iPhone

Because the iPhone has a software keyboard (not hardware keyboard like on Blackberry), it makes entering text in a foreign language very easy; thus, the limitations of a hardware keyboard. So, if you want to email that friend in another … Continue reading

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