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Deciding what to carry when you travel can be a “luggage problem”. But this problem can be amazingly resolved, as demonstrated in one of my favorite movies, “Joe Versus the Volcano”. Incidentally, this movie was brutally rated by critics, which goes to show you that they can be just as clueless as us minions. This movie is now a cult classic.

Before showing my solution to this problem for backpacking through Central Europe for several months, see first how Joe learns his through the ultimate in luggage salesmen!

Below is my solution to the luggage problem. A suggestion … when packing, start by sectioning off all your gear in three groups; 1) what will go in your dopp kit, 2) what will go in your day/backpack, and 3) what will go in your actual large backpack.

Travel Gear

My Travel Gear

• Rick Steve’s carry on, convertible backpack/suitcase
• Dopp kit (plethora of pockets and shoulder strap)
• 3, 3-oz plastic bottles in plastic bag
• Money belt
• Poncho (converts into picnic blanket & pillow)
• Travel Cubes
• First-aid kit
• Cloths bag compressor
• 5 combination locks (for backpacks)
• Small flashlight – LED light
• Laptop and charger
• USB cable for iPhone
• Flash drive
• Converter
• Monocular
• Hostel sheet (36×83″ w/hood & mesh-panelled stuff sack)
• Laundry wash leaves
• Super-absorbent towel (20×36″ soaks up 10x its weight)
• Ultra-strong repair tape
• Foreign currency
• Collapsible umbrella
• Padlock (hostel lockers)
• Maps (iPhone maps also)
• Guidebook

Not Shown in Image

• Backpack (w/laptop compartment & multiple compartments)
• iPhone and car charger
• Moistened Wipes
• Passport
• Drivers license
• IDP (International Drivers License)
• Detailed Travel Itinerary
• Photocopies of documents
• Ecco Shoes
• Glasses / Sun glasses
• Clothesline
• Soap
• Spot remover
• Insect repellent
• Wool cap
• Emergency blanket (for extreme cold)
• Waterproof matches
• 6 function whistle (signal mirror, thermometer, magnifier, compass, LED light)

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