Mystical Sounds of the Veena

Narada was an ancient Indian rishi who traveled among distant planets carrying a veena as his musical instrument. Unlike the sitar, the veena has a second resonator, a carved-out gourd attached to the underside of the neck. This produces a unique, mystical sound.

Rishi Narada

Rishi Narada

A trickster, Narada once convinced Lord Vishnu to apply the same delusive power of Maya he doled out on us mere mortals onto himself to better understand its power. Narada suggested Vishnu reincarnate into the body of a sow. After being unable to tear himself away from the joys of feeding a family of piglets, Narada released Vishnu by piercing the sow’s body. Which just goes to show you that even the gods of the Infinite can be overwhelmed by the “painted veil”.

The following raga is sublimely played on the veena by Punya Srinivas.

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